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Year Engine Stamp Description
1966 TI007MN 1967 Camaro coupe 275hp 327 still in original car
1966 TI12I6IP 1966 Corvette 425hp engine stamp TI2I6IP, partial VIN 6110679.
1967 VO 301
1967 T0IIIMK engine stamp T0IIIMK.
1967 TO214MZ 1967 engine code TO124MZ.
1967 TO320IV 1967 396 engine stamp T0320IV.
1967 T0328MY 1967 396 engine stamp T0328MY, Partial VIN 7N205492.
1967 T0417MQ 1967 Camaro L78 396 stamp. T0417MQ partial VIN 7L156426.
1967 TO426MQ 1967 Camaro T0426MQ, partial VIN 7N122221.
1967 TO524MW 1967 Camaro L35 396cid engine stamp T0524MW. Partial VIN 7N232540.
1967 T0525MQ 1967 Camaro L78 396 engine stamp T0525MQ, partial VIN 7N232830.
1967 T0609MQ 1967 Camaro L78 engine stamp T0609MQ, partial VIN 7N242648.
1967 TO614MQ 1967 Camaro L78 engine stamp T0614MQ, partial VIN 7N242202.
1967 T06I6EG 1967 Chevelle L78 396 stamp T06I6EG, partial VIN 7A182276.
1967 T0912IV 1967 396 L35 full size engine, T09I12IV.
1967 T1010IV Bare block offered for sale on E-Bay June, 2011 by user harleyjim.
1967 TIII6MM Chevrolet small block TIII6MM engine stamp.
1967 TII2IJE 1967 Corvette 427cid 435hp engine stamp TII2IJE, partial VIN 7105243.