Chevy Casting Numbers, Big Block Chevy Intake Manifolds

Chevy Casting Numbers, Big Block Chevy Intake Manifolds:

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Casting NumberEnginesTypeYears UsedNotes
3866963396cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1965375, 425 L-37
3885069396cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1966 - 1968375 L-78
3885069427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1966 - 1968425 L-72
3886093427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1967430 L-88
3894374427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1967435 3x2 L-71
3894382427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1967400 3x2 L-68, Oval Port
3919849427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968390 L-36, Oval Port, Qjet
3919850427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968400 3x2 L-68, Ovat Port
3919852427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968435 3x2 L-71
3919878396cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968375 L-78
3919878427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968425 L-72
3933163396cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968 - 1969375 L-78/L-89
3933163427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968 - 1969425 Copo
3933198427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968 - 1969430 L-88/ZL-1
3937793427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1968390 L-36, Oval Port, Qjet, Late
3937795427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1969400 3x2 L-68, Oval Port
3937797427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1969435 3x2 L-71
3947801427cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1969390 L-36, Oval Port, Qjet
3963569396,402cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1970 - 1971375 L-78/L-89
3963569454cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1970 - 1971LS-6, Lowrise
3967474454cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1971425
6269318454cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1972
336789454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1974235, 270
346242454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1975215
353015454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1973215, 245
393841454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1973 - 1975215
3856289396cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1965 - 1966325 L-35
3866948396cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966 - 1967325, 360 L-34/L-35
3866948427cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966 - 1967390, Holley
3883948396cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966 - 1968325 L-35
3883948427cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966 - 1968385, 390 L-36
3931067396cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1969325 L-35
3931067427cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1969335, 390 L-36
3952900396cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1969265 2V
3955287402cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1970 - 1971300, 330, 350 LS-3
3955287454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1970 - 1971360, 365, 390
6263753402cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1972240 LS-3
6263753454cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1972240, 270

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