Small Block Chevy Casting Numbers for Engine Blocks

Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Engine Block:

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Casting NumberDisplacementYears UsedMain Cap BoltsNotes
140029350cid V81980 - 19842 bolt mains
330817400cid V81972 - 19802 bolt mains
355909262cid V819752 bolt mains
355909305cid V81976 - 19792 bolt mains
360851262cid V81975 - 19762 bolt mainsMonza V-8
361979305cid V81977 - 19792 or 4 bolt mainsSome Canadian assembled heavy duty blocks have 4-bolt main caps
366245350cid V81978 - 19794 bolt mainsBowtie
3662864 bolt mainsBowtie siamesed, straight nodular iron main caps, 2-piece seal, 4.00-4.150" bores, 2.45" main journals
3662984 bolt mainsBowtie Aluminum, billet main caps, 3.398" bore with sleeves, two piece rear main seal.
3662994 bolt mainsBowtie Aluminum, nodular iron splayed caps, wet sump, 4.00" bore
389257302cid V819672 bolt mains
393288283cid V81965 - 19672 bolt mains
460703350cid V819784 bolt mains
460776305cid V81978 - 19792 bolt mains
460777305cid V81978 - 19792 bolt mains
460778305cid V81978 - 19792 or 4 bolt mainsSome Canadian assembled heavy duty truck blocks have 4-bolt main caps
471511267cid V81979 - 19822 bolt mains
3556519283cid V81958 - 19612 bolt mains
3703524265cid V819552 bolt mainsNo oil filter
3720991265cid V81956 - 19572 bolt mains
3731548265cid V819572 bolt mainsNo side motor mounts
3731548283cid V819572 bolt mainsNo side motor mounts
3737739283cid V81958 - 19642 bolt mains
3756519283cid V81958 - 19622 bolt mains
3782870327cid V81962 - 19672 bolt mains
3789817283cid V81962 - 19642 bolt mains
3789817327cid V81962 - 19672 bolt mains
3789935283cid V81961 - 19642 bolt mains
3790721283cid V81962 - 19642 bolt mainsChevy II recessed oil filter boss
3790721327cid V81965 - 19662 bolt mainsChevy II recessed oil filter boss
3791362327cid V81962 - 19672 bolt mainsChevy II recessed oil filter boss
3792563327cid V819652 bolt mains
3792582283cid V81964 - 19652 bolt mains
3794226283cid V81958 - 19632 bolt mains
3794460327cid V81962 - 19642 bolt mains
3830944327cid V819632 bolt mains
3834810283cid V81964 - 19662 bolt mains
3834812283cid V81962 - 19632 bolt mains
3837739283cid V81958 - 19622 bolt mains
3849852283cid V81957 - 19662 bolt mains
3849935283cid V81965 - 19672 bolt mains
3858174327cid V81964 - 19672 bolt mains
3858180327cid V81964 - 19672 bolt mains
3858618350cid V81968 - 19762 bolt mains
3862194283cid V81965 - 19672 bolt mainsChevy II recessed oil filter boss
3862812283cid V81962 - 19642 bolt mains
3892657302cid V819672 bolt mainsZ-28 Camaro
3892657327cid V819672 bolt mains
3892657350cid V819672 bolt mainsCamaro
3896944283cid V81966 - 19672 bolt mains

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