Small Block Chevy Casting Numbers for Engine Blocks

Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Engine Block:

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Casting NumberDisplacementYears UsedMain Cap BoltsNotes
3896948283cid V81966 - 19672 bolt mains
3903352327cid V819672 bolt mains
3914636307cid V819682 bolt mains
3914638307cid V819682 bolt mains
3914653307cid V81968 - 19732 bolt mains
3914660327cid V819682 bolt mains
3914678302cid V819682 bolt mainsZ-28 Camaro
3914678327cid V819682 bolt mains
3914678350cid V819682 bolt mains
3931174307cid V819682 bolt mainsTruck
3932371307cid V81969 - 19732 bolt mains
3932373307cid V81968 - 19732 bolt mains
3932386302cid V819694 bolt mainsZ-28 Camaro
3932386327cid V819692 bolt mains
3932386350cid V819692 or 4 bolt mains
3932388327cid V819692 bolt mains
3932388350cid V819692 or 4 bolt mains
3933180327cid V81968 - 19692 bolt mains
3951509400cid V81970 - 19714 bolt mains
3951509400cid V81974 - 19802 bolt mains
3951511400cid V81970 - 19734 bolt mainsSome replacement blocks had 2-bolt main caps
3956618302cid V819694 bolt mainsZ-28 Camaro
3956618327cid V81968 - 19692 bolt mains
3956618350cid V819692 or 4 bolt mains
3956632307cid V819692 bolt mains
3959512327cid V81962 - 19672 bolt mainsWas also used for some "CE" replacement blocks
3959532283cid V819642 bolt mainsUsed for some "CE" replacement blocks
3959538327cid V82 bolt mainsChevy II recessed oil filter boss, Used for some Chevy II "CE" replacement blocks
3970010302cid V819694 bolt mainsZ-28 Camaro
3970010327cid V819692 bolt mainsTrucks and industrial
3970010350cid V81969 - 19802 or 4 bolt mains
3970014350cid V81970 - 19762 or 4 bolt mains
3970020307cid V81969 - 19732 bolt mains
3970024307cid V81969 - 19732 bolt mains
4715111305cid V819802 bolt mains
6259425350cid V81969 - 19762 bolt mains
10046164305cid V819862 bolt mains
100498044 bolt mainsAluminum, Pontiac Super Duty version of Gen.I SBC, 4.00" bore, 350 mains, 2-piece rear seal, splayed caps, GTP race block
100511822 or 4 bolt mainsBowtie, 3.75"-4.30" bores, 1 or 2-piece rear seal
100511844 bolt mainsBowtie, 4.00"-4.155" bores, 1 or 2-piece rear seal
10054727350cid V81986 - up2 or 4 bolt mainsOne piece rear seal, some "Made in Canada"
10066036350cid V82 or 4 bolt mainsTarget Master/Goodwrench crate motor, 2-piece rear seal, "Made in Mexico"
10066038350cid V819924 bolt mainsGoodwrench crate motor, 2-piece rear seal, "Made in Mexico"
10090511350cid V819902 bolt mainsLT-5, ZR1 Vette, 375hp
10125327350cid V81992 - up2 or 4 bolt mainsGen.II LT-1, reverse flow cooling
10125327350cid V81996 - up2 or 4 bolt mainsGen.II LT-4, reverse flow cooling
101343984 bolt mainsBowtie, Aluminum, 4.125" bore, 2.65" main journals
101349964 bolt mainsBowtie, Aluminum, 4.125" bore 2.65" main journals
10153558350cid V81991 - 19924 bolt mainsLT-5, ZR1 Vette, 375hp
10168588265cid V81994 - 19962 bolt mainsL99, Gen.II, 4.3 Liter V-8, Caprice, reverse flow cooling

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