Chevy Casting Number for Chevrolet Small Block Cylinder Heads

Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Head Castings:

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Casting NumberEnginesYears UsedNotes
330545350cid V8197376cc chamber, 2.02/1.60
333881350cid V81974 - 197576cc chamber, 2.02/1.60
333882350/400cid V81974 - 198076cc chambers
3402921970'sOver the counter, angle plug, 64cc chamber
354434262/267/305cid V81975 - 197960cc chambers
358741305cid V81976 - 1979
376445350cid V81977 - 198576cc chamber, small valves
376450262/267/305cid V81975 - 19816 or 7 exhaust bolt holes, 60cc chamber
462614305cid V81977 - 197960cc chamber
462624350/400cid V81975 - 198676cc chamber, 1.72/1.5, 1.94/1.5 or 2.02/1.6 valves
458642350cid V81975 - 1984
468642350/400cid V81976 - up
471513267/350cid V81979
517513267/350cid V81979
1816887283cid V81963Made in Canada, GMC HD truck
3636839265cid V81955
3703523265cid V81955
3713358265cid V81955 - 1956
3713569265cid V81955 - 1956
3725306265cid V81956
3731539283cid V81957283 HP FI
3731544283cid V81957 - 1961
3731554283cid V81957 - 1962
3731556283cid V81957Truck, Made in Canada
3731762265cid V81956Vette, 2x4 carbs
3737775283/327cid V81962 - 1967
3740997283cid V819571x4, 2x4 and FI (exc.-283hp)
3743056283cid V81958
3743096327cid V81962 - 1967GMC Truck
3747363283cid V81957 - 1961
3747460283/327cid V81959 - 196770cc chambers
3748770283cid V81958
3748772283cid V81958 - 1961
3755537283cid V81957 - 1962
3755539283cid V81958 - 1962
3755549283cid V81957 - 1962
3755550283cid V81959
3755585327cid V81962 - 1967GMC Truck
3767460283cid V81959 - 1960
3767462327cid V81962 - 1967
3767465283cid V81959 - 1961
3767754283cid V81959 - 196160cc chambers
3767792283cid V81960 - 1964
3774682283/327cid V81960 - 196470cc chambers
3774684327cid V81962 - 196475cc chambers
3774692283cid V81958 - 196460cc chambers
3782461327cid V81964 - 1966Camel hump,no accessory holes,160/62cc port volumes,62cc chamber
3782461X283/327cid V81960 - 1963Camel hump,no accessory holes,larger 172/64cc port volumes, 62cc chamber
3795896283cid V81963 - 196560cc chamber
3795896327cid V81962 - 196460cc chamber

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