Chevy Casting Number for Chevrolet Small Block Cylinder Heads

Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Head Castings:

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Casting NumberEnginesYears UsedNotes
10225122350cid V81995LT5, ZR1, DOHC, 32-valve, pass. side, aluminum
10239902350cid V81996 - upGen.II LT4, aluminum, reverse flow cooling, 195cc port, 54.4cc chamber, angle plug
10239906350cid V81996 - upVortec 5700, L31, 64cc chamber, 170cc intake port, 1.94/1.5 valves
123677121999 - upFast Burn, aluminum, 210cc intake, port, 2.00/1.55 valves, 62cc chamber
123677131999 - upFast Burn used on ZZ430 crate motor, aluminum, 210cc intake port, 2.00/1.55 valves, 62cc chamber
12480005192000LS1 GTZ, aluminum, 38cc, 2.125/1.625 valves, angle plug
124800111997 - upBowtie SB2.2, aluminum, 2nd version of SB2, 48cc chambers, mirror ports, revised valve angles and plug location
12506450350cid V81987 - 1995
12509859305cid V81987 - 1994
12516852350cid V81987 - 1995
12529742265cid V81995 - 1996Gen.II, L99, cast iron
12551561350cid V81996Gen.II, LT1, aluminum
12552520305cid V81997 - upVortec, truck
12554290350cid V81994 - 1996Gen.II, LT1, cast iron version, used on 9C1 Police package, Impala SS, Cadillac Fleetwood, Buick Roadmaster reverse flow cooling
12554291265cid V81995 - 1996Gen.II, L99, cast iron
12555690350cid V81996Gen.II, LT4, aluminum
12556743325cid V81999Gen.III, 5.3L, aluminum, truck, van
12558059305cid V81997Vortec, truck, 1.84/1.5 valves
12558062350cid V81998L31 Vortec, truck, 64cc chambers, 1.94/1.5, 170cc intake port
12558806350cid V81997 - 1998Gen.III, LS1, aluminum, 68cc
12559853350cid V81999 - upGen.III, LS1, aluminum, 68cc
125598621999- 2000Gen.III, aluminum 4.8/5.3L
12559895325cid V82000 - upGen.III, aluminum, Vortec 5.3L
125617062001 - 1904Gen.III, 5.3L, aluminum
12561873364cid V81999 - 1901Gen.III, 71cc, iron
12562317364cid V82001 - 1904Gen.III, 71cc, aluminum
12564241350cid V82000 - upGen.III, LS1, aluminum, 68cc
12564243350/364cid V82001 - upGen.III, LS6, LS2, aluminum
12572035364cid V82001 - 1904Gen.III, 6.0L, aluminum, 71cc
14008856267cid V81979 - 1981
14010201305cid V81982 - 1985
14011034Bowtie, cast iron, 64cc chambers, 184cc port volume, angle plug, Phase II head
14011049Bowtie, aluminum, 55cc chambers, angle plug, 180cc ports, Phase 6
14011083350cid V81955 - 1986Crate motor for years indicated. 285/300hp, 64cc chambers, 1.94/1.5 valves
14014415267/305cid V81980 - 1985
14014416305cid V81980 - 19861.84/1.5 valves, 58cc chambers
14014440305cid V819801.84/1.5 valves
14019821350cid V81980 - 1986
14019924267cid V81979 - 1981
14019926350cid V81980 - 1986
14010516350cid V81980 - 1986
14020517350cid V81980
14020555305cid V81981
14020556350cid V81981
14022056350cid V81985
14022206350cid V81980
14022301305cid V81980 - 1986
14022601267/305cid V81980 - 19861.72/1.5 or 1.84/1.5 valves, 53cc chambers
14022801305cid V81980 - 1986
14024816350cid V876cc chambers, 1.94/1.5 valves, Gen.I crate motors

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