Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Intake Manifolds

Chevy Casting Numbers, Small Block Chevy Intake Manifolds:

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Casting NumberEnginesTypeYears UsedNotes
340261350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1974 - 1976 160,185,195,245,250HP
340266305,350cid V8Iron, 2bbl1973 - 1981
340281305,350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1982 - 1985
346249305,350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1976 - 1982 55,165,205HP
346250305,350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1976 - 1982
346260305,350cid V8Iron, 2bbl1973 - 1977
373598305cid V8Aluminum, 2bbl1978 - 1980
458520305,350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1976 - 1982
1403372305,350cid V8TTBI1980 - 1982
3704790265cid V8Iron, 2bbl1955
3711348265cid V8Iron, 4bbl1955
3728725265cid V8Aluminum Dual Quad, 2x4bbl1956225hp, 1st Design
3731394283cid V8Aluminum Dual Quad, 2x4bbl1986 - 1957 225hp, 2nd Design
3731398283cid V8Iron, 4bbl1957
3732880265,283cid V8Iron, 2bbl1957
3735444265cid V8Iron, 2bbl1956
3735448265cid V8Iron, 4bbl1956210hp
3737109265cid V8Iron, 4bbl1956
3739653283cid V8Aluminum Dual Quad, 2x4bbl1957245,270HP
3741193283cid V8Fuel Injection1957
3746826265,283cid V8Iron, 2bbl1957
3746829283cid V8Iron, 4bbl1958 - 1961 230hp
3783244327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1962 - 1963 250hp
3794129327cid V8Aluminum, 4bbl1963340hp
3795397327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1962340hp
3797771350cid V8Iron, 4bbl1972
3799349327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1962 - 1964 300hp
3826810327cid V8Fuel Injection1963 - 1965
3837109265,283cid V8Iron, 4bbl1956 - 1957 210hp
3840905283cid V8Iron, 2bbl1964 - 1965
3844457327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1964 - 1965 250hp, Srvc Repl.
3844459327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1963 - 1965 300hp, Srvc Repl.
3844461327cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl1964 - 1965 350,360hp
3866922283,327cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1962 - 1965 220hp/250hp, Marine Use
3872783327cid V8Iron, 4bbl1966 - 1967 275hp, W/o AIR, Srvc. Repl.
3875954327cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966275hp, W/AIR
3877652283,327cid V8Iron, 2bbl1965
3877656327cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl Hirise1966 - 1967 350hp
3882858283cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966220hp
3890490327cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl Hirise1966 - 1967 350hp Hirise
3905393327cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1966 - 1968 275hp
3910601327cid V82bbl1967 - 1968
3916313307,350cid V82bbl1969 - 1970
3917610302cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl Hirise1967 - 1968
3919801307,327cid V8Iron, 2bbl1968
3919803327,350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1967 - 1968 250,275,325,350HP
3927183307,327cid V8Iron, 2bbl1969
3927184350cid V8Iron, Rochester 4bbl1969255,300,350HP, Srv. Rep.
3932472302cid V8Aluminum, Holley 4bbl Hirise1969
3941126302cid V8Aluminum Dual Quad Crossram, 2x4bbl1967 - 1969

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