To learn about Camaro Protect o Plate decoding for specific years click on the link below for the desired year. Protect-o-Plate decoders are almost finished and should be up soon so check back often.

1969 Camaro Protect-o-Plate (PoP) Decoding

The Protect-o-Plate or PoP is a very important price of documentation for your Camaro if you should be lucky enough to have one for your car. It shows you a great deal of important information about your car including Engine, Transmission, Axle and a number of options for your car.

The image below shows a reversed image of your PoP plate to make it easier to view. The actual plate for your car will be a reversed or mirror image showing the characters and information in reverse. So the engine code as shown on the left hand side of the image below will actually be found on the right hand side when looking at your pop while holding it in your hand. To learn more about a particular code or section of your PoP hold you mouse over that area for more detailed information or scroll down to find more complete information including code designations.

1969 Camaro Protect o Plate Example

Vehicle Identification Number
This code represent the vehicles individual identification number. For complete information on the decoding of VIN tags please refer to the VIN tag decoding section.
Carburetor Source Code
This code indicates the manufacturer of the carburetor supplied at the factory for the vehicles engine.
B= Bay City
C= Carter
H= Holley
R= Rochester
Engine Production Number
This code indicates the manufacturing plant, month, day and type of engine the vehicle was equipped with form the factory. Please refer to the engine part ID section for complete engine decoding and suffix code information.
Rear Axle ID Number
This code indicates the vehicles axle type and ratio, month, day and plant of manufacture. Please refer tot eh axle decoding section for complete decoding information and available axle codes.
Vehicle Build Month
This code indicates the vehicle build month. This code will not always reflect the same code indicated on the vehicles firewall trim tag.
8= August, 1968
9= September, 1968
0= October, 1968
N= November, 1968
D= December, 1968
1= January, 1969
2= February, 1969
3= March, 1969
4= April, 1969
5= May, 1969
6= June, 1969
7= July, 1969
Transmission ID Number
This code indicates the type of transmission installed in the vehicle as well as the build year, month and day of the month it was assembled.

For Manual Transmissions.
P8E23= P- Muncie 4-Speed, 8- 1968, E- May, 23- 23rd day of the month.

For Turbo Hydromatic Transmissions.

68C298= 68- 1968, C- 396cid 8cyl, 298- 276th day of the 1968 calendar year.

Transmission Source Code
3- Speed

S= Saginaw
D= Saginaw 3-Speed
M= Muncie
K= McKinnon Industries

4- Speed
K= McKinnon Industries
R= Saginaw
P= Muncie
Torque Drive
A= Cleveland
C= Cleveland
T= Toledo
E= McKinnon Industries

B= Cleveland
Y= Toledo
X= Cleveland

Calendar Month
A= January
B= February
C= March
D= April
E= May
H= June
K= July
M= August
P= September
R= October
S= November
T= December
Power Steering Option
A code located in this position indicates that the vehicle was equipped with power steering.
1= RPO N40 Power Steering
Power Brake Option
A code located in this position indicates that the vehicle was equipped with power brakes.
1= RPO J50 Power Assisted Brakes.
Radio Code
3= Indicates the that the vehicle was equipped with a radio.
Disc Brake Option
3= RPO J52 Disc Brakes
Air Conditioning
1= RPO C60 Air Conditioning.
4= RPO C75 Comfortron.
Power Window Option
3= RPO A31 Power Electric Windows
Power Seat Option
Not available on the Camaro Model line and will be left black.
Chevrolet Trade Mark
Dealer Supplied Info
This area will in most cases have the name and address of the first purchasing owner of the vehicle and will be applied by the dealership when the vehicle is sold. In some cases it has been found that later dealers when reselling this vehicle s a used car will replace the name with the new owner but from what we have seen so far this is not a common practice.