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1970 Camaro Trim Tag Identification and Decoding

In 1970 Chevrolet made a couple of changes to the trim tag in both location and information that was included on the Camaro trim tag. First and foremost the tag was moved from its 1969 location on the firewall to the upper cowl area under the hood on the drivers side behind the hood hinge as indicated in the image below.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Trim Tag Location

The trim tag itself also changed slightly from its 1969 counterpart. Whereas the 1969 trim tag had an X Code the 1970 Norwood built Camaro trim tags now for certain options used the RPO (Regular Production Order) code instead so for example a Camaro equipped with the SS 396 L78 375hp engine would have L78 clearly marked on the trim tag. The Los Angeles built cars would still not receive identification of individual RPO codes but instead would carry two internal codes that were 6 digits long each.

1970 Camaro Norwood Z28 Example
Example of 1970 Camaro Norwood Ohio Trim Tag
1970 Camaro LOS Trim Tag Example
Sample 1970 Camaro Los Angeles, California Plant Trim Tag.

When it comes to decoding 1970 Camaro trim tags it is pretty straight forward like the 1969 tags. In the case of the RPO codes that were added to the tags for 1970 some codes in particular the RPO Z27 SS 350 code is hit or miss with more misses than anything else in 1970. On the Los Angeles trim tags like earlier years the two sets of six digit codes are internal plant codes. We have several pretty well founded theories on exact usage and decoding of these codes but at this time it is not supported by enough evidence to post here. In the future once more research has been done we will add this information to the decoding section here.

Listed below is information that will help you understand more about your trim tags option codes and what they mean. For more information on the RPO's listed here or for a complete list of all available RPO's for 1970 please visit the RPO/Pricing section under the production tab.



Two digit code referring to the calendar month that the vehicles body was scheduled for production. The two digit number is indicative of the calendar month. Example 01= January, 05= May, 12= December.


Single alphabetical digit indicating the week of production for the calendar month. A= 1st week, B= 2nd week, C=3rd week, D= 4th week, E=5th week.
Model Yr.
70= 1970
Body Style
12487: Sport Coupe.
Assembly Plant
NOR: Norwood, Ohio
L: Los Angeles, California
Fisher Body Number
Individual Body Sequence number assigned by the Fisher Body plant prior to production of the vehicle.
Internal Code Internal plant code used at the Los Angeles, Ca. assembly plant.
710- Sandlewood Standard bucket seat interior.
711- Black Standard bucket seat interior.
712- Black Custom Vinyl bucket seat interior.
713- Black with White pattern cloth bucket seat interior.
714- Black with Blue pattern cloth bucket seat interior.
715- Standard Blue bucket seat interior.
716- Blue Knit Vinyl bucket seat interior.
720- Black with Green pattern cloth bucket seat interior.
723- Dark Green standard bucket seat interior.
724- Dark Green Knit Vinyl bucket seat interior.
725- Black pattern cloth bucket seat interior .
726- Saddle Standard bucket seat interior.
727- Saddle Knit Vinyl bucket seat interior.
730- Sandlewood Knit Vinyl bucket seat interior.
Lower Body Paint Color

Exterior paint code.

GM Code Ditzler DuPont
10- Classic White WA3465 8631 5040L, 5040D
14- Cortez Silver WA3927 2059 5032L, 5032D
17- Shadow Gray WA3592 32604 5113L, 5113D
25- Astro Blue WA4026 2165 5123L, 5123D
26- Mulsanne Blue WA4069 2213 5190L, 5190D
43- Citrus Green WA4006 2170 5126L, 5126D
45- Green Mist WA4025 2171 5122L, 5122D
48- Forrest Green WA3970 2173 5116L, 5116D
51- Daytona Yellow WA3893 2094 5026LH, 5026D
53- Camaro Gold WA4035 23211 5073LH, 5073D
58- Autumn Gold WA3973 2179 5117
63- Desert Sand WA4042 2183 5125
65- Hugger Orange WA3959 2084 5021LM, 5021DH
67- Classic Copper WA4033 23215 5076LH, 5076DH
75- Cranberry Red WA3975 2189 5063LH, 5063DH
Stripe/Pinstripe color      
White WA3465 8631 5040L, 5040D
Black WA0848 9300 1738, 40423
Upper Body Paint Color
For single color vehicle (upper and lower paint match) refer to the lower body color chart.
A- White vynil top
B- Black vinyl top
C- Dark Blue vinyl top
G- Dark Green vynil top
H- Dark Gold vynil top
RPO Code Description
L34 RPO L34 Camaro SS 396, 350hp 396cid engine.
L78 RPO L78 Camaro SS 396, 375hp 396cid engine.
Z27 RPO Z27 Camaro SS 350, 300hp 350cid engine. This code does not apear on all SS 350 Camaros built in 1970.
Z28 RPO Z28 Camaro Z28, 360hp 350cid engine with no hood or decklid striping..
Z28.10 RPO Z28 Camaro Z28, 360hp 350cid engine with white hood and deck lid stripes.
Z28.19 RPO Z28 Camaro Z28, 360hp 350cid engine with black hood and deck lid stripes