1972 Camaro Option Descriptions and Production Totals

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1972 Camaro RPO Prices and Production Totals

RPO or Regular Production Options were what you would check off when you went to a dealer and ordered a brand new Camaro. Depending on what you were looking to purchase some items could be ordered as a package and other items would be ordered individually. I Although General Motors did not keep records of what Camaros were built with what options in the early years they did keep complete production total lists for most options. These lists along with other research like comparing options to dealer order sheets, window stickers and other sources have allowed researchers over the years to put together a pretty complete overall picture of early Camaro production.

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RPO Year Model Description Cost Total
A01 1972 Camaro Tinted glass, all windows $39.00 44,155
AK1 1972 Camaro Custom deluxe seat belts and shoulder belts $15.00 8,475
AN6 1972 Camaro Two position adjustable seat back $18.00 2,087
B37 1972 Camaro Color-keyed floor mats $12.00 15,725
B93 1972 Camaro Dorr dge guards $6.00 21,452
C08 1972 Camaro Vinyl roof cover $87.00 23,918
C50 1972 Camaro Forced air rear window defroster $31.00 7,018
C60 1972 Camaro Air conditioning $397.00 37,738
D34 1972 Camaro Vanity visor mirror $3.00 3,391
D55 1972 Camaro Rear seat and ashtray console $57.00 49,845
D80 1972 Camaro Front and rear spoilers $77.00 5,594
F41 1972 Camaro Special performance suspension and rear shock absorbers
*NOTE : V8 models with F70x14 tires only
$30.00 7,133
G80 1972 Camaro Positraction rear axle $45.00 7,643
LS3 1972 Camaro 240hp Turbo-Jet 396cid V8 engine
*NOTE : Available only with RPO Z27
$96.00 970
M20 1972 Camaro 4 speed wide ration transmission $200.00 4,127
M21 1972 Camaro 4 speed close ration transmission $200.00 942
M40 1972 Camaro Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission $297.00 7,302
N33 1972 Camaro Comfortilt steering wheel $44.00 3,706
N40 1972 Camaro Variable ratio power steering $130.00 59,854
NK4 1972 Camaro Sport steering wheel $15.00 5,758
P01 1972 Camaro Brightmetal wheel covers $26.00 27,708
P02 1972 Camaro Custom wheel covers $82.00 824
PY4 1972 Camaro F70-14B bias-belted-ply white stripe tires
*NOTE : Includes 14x7 wheels
N/A 16,581
T60 1972 Camaro Heavy Duty battery. $15.00 3,448
U14 1972 Camaro Special instrumentation $82.00 8,608
U35 1972 Camaro Electric clock
*NOTE : Included with RPO U14
$16.00 7,403
U63 1972 Camaro Push button AM radio $135.00 10,404
U80 1972 Camaro Rear seat speaker $15.00 15,889
V01 1972 Camaro Heavy Duty radiator $14.00 3,057
VF3 1972 Camaro Deluxe front and rear bumpers $36.00 2,449
YD1 1972 Camaro Special ratio axle for trailering $12.00 165
YF5 1972 Camaro California emissions test
*NOTE : Not available with 240hp engines
$15.00 8,124
Z21 1972 Camaro Style trim group $56.00 22,477
Z22 1972 Camaro Rally Sport equipment $118.00 11,364
Z23 1972 Camaro Interior accent group $21.00 18,064
Z27 1972 Camaro Super Sport equipment $306.00 6,562
Z28 1972 Camaro Special performance package.
Package includes- Includes special performance 255hp V8 Turbo Fire 350cid engine with bright accents, LH remote control sport mirror, special instrumentation, power brakes, 3.73 ratio Positraction rear axle, dual exhaust, black finished grill, Z28 emblems on front fenders, rear bumper guards, sport suspension, HD radiator, front and rear springs, 15"x7" wheels with bright lug nuts, special center caps and trim rings, F60-15/B bias belted ply white letter tires, rear deck spoiler with Z28 decal, special paint stripes on hood and deck lid.
*NOTE: V8 models with 4-speed or Turbo Hydramatic transmission only. Not available when C60 air conditioning, wire wheel covers or rally wheels are ordered.
$806.80 2,575
Z87 1972 Camaro Custom interior $113.00 6,462
ZJ7 1972 Camaro Rally wheels
*NOTE : Includes special 14x7 wheel, hub caps and trim rings.
$44.00 27,804
ZJ9 1972 Camaro Auxiliary lighting $18.00 5,309