How to share your photos.

Sharing your photos is as easy as click, copy and paste using

  1. Sharing through email.

To share your photos view email there are two methods that you can use. The first is to paste a link to the page that your image is located on directly into your email. The second is to paste a link to the gallery directly into your email. In both cases this is very easy to accomplish.

In the image below you see 4 links highlighted in yellow that can be copied and pasted to share your photos. If your email client accepts html links than you can create a simple clickable link by copying and pasting the code marked "Clickable link" and pasting it into your email. When the recipient receives the email all they have to do is click the link and they will be taken directly to the image page that you sent them. The second choice if your email provider does not accept the html links is to copy and past the link marked "URL link". When received your friend will have to copy and paste this link into their browsers address bar and they will be taken to the image page that you sent them.

  1. Share through your favorite blog or forum.

Sharing images through your favorite blog or forum is just as easy as sending them through email. Copy and paste, that is all you need to do. While you are on the page that you plan to post the image to look at the top of the text box and see if there is a box marked [IMG] like the one highlighted in number 1 from the image below. If you click on the image it would give you a pair of boxes to place a URL link in between like the ones seen in the image below marked 2. If there is then you want to copy and paste the code located in the box marked "[IMG] link" on our site into your post or article for the image to appear like you see in the image below marked 3. If you do not see a box marked [IMG] on the page or forum text box then you will likely need to paste the link marked "HTML link" from out site. The process is the same as the others, copy and paste it into your message and you are ready to go as can be seen in the image below marked 4. If there is a preview option we highly recommend using it to make sure that the site you are using will accept the image code you have entered.

As always if you should have any trouble or questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to try and help you with your problem.