DNM Software LLC, ("DNM" or "we") operates theCamaro.com (the "Site"), a content hosting and sharing service that allows Users (as defined in the following paragraph) to store images and videos and share them across the internet and create unique personal profiles online. DNM is dedicated to protecting our users privacy when visiting and using our Services as further outlined in this policy. As an ongoing condition for using theCamaro.com you the user agree to provide theCamaro.com and DNM with certain personal information. This information may include but is not limited to: your full name, postal address, phone number, email address, computers unique IP address (if any), demographic information (e.g., zip code, postal code, hometown, gender, purchase history information and age as well as IP addresses that are not unique to your computer) and financial information in the event of a transaction for purchase of goods or other service from DNM or theCamaro.com. Each time that you the user visit and use the services of theCamaro.com you are agreeing in continuation to the theCamaro.com privacy policy and terms of use. This privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice and is considered in effect as soon as it is added to the site. It is the user responsibility to periodically revue the sites privacy policy and terms of use. You affirm agree that by using this site that you are granting theCamaro.com and DNM to use the information collected for any and all purposes as they should see fit with the exception of disclosing personal information not limited to IP address email address with outside parties with the exception of law enforcement personnel where such information has been requested for the purposes of use in an ongoing investigation.

How your information is used -

Personal information collected by the Site from you the user is used to better the site and or help theCamaro.com and DNM better assist and service users. Personal information may also be collected as part of performing financial transactions for goods or services to be determined by theCamaro.com, DNM and the end user of said goods or services. Personal information will not without prior notice to all members of the site be disseminated to any third party or sold to any third party without first amending the privacy policies of the site and notifying all members that such a change has taken effect. All uses of personal information by theCamaro.com or DNM that are not in effect as of the time of the members joining the site shall be deemed in effect as soon as the site privacy policy is updated and members notified.

Security measures-

theCamaro.com and DNM has security measures in place to protect our members private information from misuse or theft by outside entities. Unfortunately no data protection and transfer method can be considered 100% safe and there is always risk when using any website on the internet regardless of security measures. Users of the site including but not limited to members and non member users agree to hold harmless the Site and DNM software LLC for any damages or inconvenience that may result from the theft of such either directly from the site or while data is in transfer between the user and the site or site and the user.